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Student Life

At the Rightway Center, we are keen to ensure to produce students who are not only academically inclined, but also critical thinkers capable of excelling at life.

To this end we have incorporated a host of extracurricular activities that compliment the classroom.


Field Trips and International Travel - In an ever-connected world, there is the need for education to extend beyond the classroom.

Every term we have a themed local field trip that compliments our academic curriculum, and once per calendar year, we will travel abroad to immerse our kids in different cultures.


Swimming - Swimming is a non-traumatic sport, which will strengthen a child's health and harden not only their body but their character as well.

At the Rightway, we swim once per week at the Central Athletic Club under the supervision of trained instructors and teachers.


Robotics and Engineering - Our world needs creators and developing students who have a love for coding, building, inventing and creating is the primary purpose of this club. 

We even have a bit of cyber security in there as well.


Football - Keeping active is an obvious benefit of football but in addition to that, the sport provides a mental outlet for kids, promotes camaraderie and builds friendships.

We are pleased to have one of our national gems and internationally trained coaches head up the team.

Practice is held once weekly at the Edinburgh 500 Grounds.


Chess - This activity develops concentration, critical thinking and teaches the golden rule practice makes perfect.

We have structured once per week classes, this is a natural after-school activity for the kids.


Leadership and Debate - We need leaders! The kind that is articulate and could communicate and implement their vision.

Our Leadership and Debate Club places strong emphasis on public speaking, research and point justification all of which tasteful compliments the classroom.

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