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At the Rightway, we believe that a balanced, healthy nutrition yields both Academic and Behavioural benefits.

The Rightway Café is opened to staff, students and their families from 7am till 5pm.


We serve all our local favourites with all foods satisfying the religious of all denominations.

At the Rightway Café, there is a something for everyone.

Our meals are served restaurant style so as to engrain proper social and table etiquette to our students. 


If students walk with their own meals, it is refrigerated and reheated as well. 

Academic Benefits

Students who eat full nutritious meals like the ones provided by the school for breakfast and lunch have:

  • Improved cognitive function—Short-term memory, the ability to conceptualize, and abstract reasoning skills improved when students ate snacks that contained more nutrients.

  • Better attention spans—Parents reported that their children could concentrate better after they had eaten more nutritious meals.

Behavioural Benefits

Your child’s behaviour can also change for the better if he or she is enjoying school meals. 

Children who eat breakfasts and lunches that meet their nutritional needs, such as the ones provided at the Rightway Cafe, experience:

  • Better classroom behavior— Children and adolescents have been shown to get along better with classmates and cause fewer class disruptions when they have been eating properly.

  • Improved mood—Hungry children tend to be angrier and more irritable. They also cannot socialize as well.


Our Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu.png

Our Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu.png
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